Saturday, December 12, 2009

Video Game Awards !!! Part 2

I know I promised you guys I'd do a post on breast physics. And since I'm at the video game awards, I thought this would be a great time to talk about it. So here's what I think...I have no problem with giant-breasted women in games. None at all. Not my thing, but I get it. They give me plenty of musclebound warriors to drool over. But here is my issue with breast physics in video games. They do NOT bounce independently. I mean, they can, but if you jump up and down, you don't land with one looking up and one heading south, you know what I mean? Most women in video games look like someone is invisibly juggling them.

Ivy from Soul Calibur...awesome game. Pumpkin-sized boobs.

I got a chance to interview Ed Boon and Jimmy Palmiotti a while back and I told them my theories. They seemed surprised to hear it. (They also couldn't stop laughing.) Which makes me wonder...have they ever seen any? (Just kidding. I love those guys.) Anyway, I'm curious...what do you guys think? Do any women you know have magical boobs that defy physics?

Best Team Sports Game: NHL 10

They fixed the feed! Seeing a preview of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands! Looks so cool! May 2010. And after seeing a preview of the film, I'm convinced that this is going to be the first time a video game has made it to the big screen and done it well. Still confused by Jake Gyllenhaal as an action hero, but hey, he's pretty. ;)

Best Performance by a Human Male: Hugh Jackman in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I did a preview of this game a while back. One of the techs told me that he was totally into the game and would give them anything they needed, even if they called in the middle of the night. He also wanted to put in an Easter Egg with him in his fancy Broadway outfit. Would have been hysterical.

Don't know if it was this one, but it makes me grin.

Best Independent Game: Flower

Game was damn pretty. And it was actually something different. Imagine that.

Publishing this while Snoop Dog plays. Speakers are so loud it's rattling my innards.


  1. Big fan of Ivy.

    As for the realism of the independent breasts, there are swords that can suck the life out of people, they can do some magic and make their weapons burst into flames and teleport. Magic breasts arent a stretch!

    Jack Black is awesome.

    Ben Kingsley is supposed to be the bad guy in the prince of persia film and i look forward to seeing that, fantastic actor. The film does look promising.

  2. Very good point about the boobs. :) Never thought about it that way. LOL

  3. Having had (and gotten rid of) a set of mega-mammaries myself, all I can say is that they can keep 'em. Real world physics can make life miserable for the owner of such things, let me tell you.

    I was just glad to see my toes again...

  4. Real world physics can make many lives miserable, whether they own mega-mammaries or not ¬_¬

    P.S Jenna afaik you missed out pc game of the year!

  5. Eaglelives: Dude, they announced them so fast! It was crazy! Sorry I missed one. You'd think they'd give the poor press people a list or something. We also missed out on the Force Unleashed trailer. Boo!

    Lorie: I'll do a post on this sometime, but I used to be a D! I didn't do anything to change it, but in college, I went down to a C. I was dancing a lot so it makes sense. Then a B idea how that happened. Then an A!!!! Then back up to a B!, maybe I DO have magic ones. ;)

  6. It wasn't a complaint dont worry :) It was just a headsup! I have no idea what its like there, i'm in no place to complain even if i was in the mood to do so!

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