Saturday, December 12, 2009

Video Game Awards!!! Part 1

Just got off the red carpet...still reeling. It was a crazy one. I got to interview Mark Hamill. He...dude, he's fucking Luke Skywalker! I don't get all that star struck, but I really can't help it this time. And he hugged me. Seriously, I'm a dork. I was so excited that I sent a text to my dad.

Mark Hamill and Tony Hawk. :)

Alright, in the press room. I'm giving you guys the winners here, so spoiler alert. Check out the nominees at

Best Voice: Jack Black as Eddie Riggs from Brutal Legends.

The man is wearing a crown and a royal robe. He was also the first on camera interview I ever did. Wait...that didn't sound right. They're dragging him off stage. Did you guys play the game? Do you love Tenacious D as much as I do?

Olivia Wilde is presenting an exclusive trailer for Tron the video game. But DUDE, they're not showing the trailers in the press room! What the hell? I'd love to hook you all up, but I guess you'll have to watch the show.

Best Action Adventure Game: Assassin's Creed 2

I still haven't played this. Arrgh! But hell, they're certainly promoting it.

Studio of the Year: Rock Steady Studios

Everyone is totally surprised! Press room is buzzing. No one thought they should win, I guess.

ARRRRRGGGGGH! They are showing a trailer of the new Star Wars game and we can't see!!!

More to come

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