Thursday, November 5, 2009

Morena Baccarin, Cassidy Freeman, Kelly Osbourne, Misha Collins, and I Heart Freelance...Sometimes

It's true. I'm trying to take over the world...I mean, internet. Mwah ha ha! I'm happy to announce that my first piece went up on this morning!

Sending a shout out to the very awesome Maurice LaMarche aka The Brain!

Look, I want to know what each paycheck is going to look like, just like everyone else, but I have to say, writing for so many sites has been an unbelievably helpful experience. It's given me the opportunity to learn so many different things, work with people I might never have met and write in different styles. I'm sure both my landlord and my dad would be happy to hear that I was working in one place, and I'm quite certain many of you have heard me complain about the life of a freelancer, but I just wanted to take a moment to talk about the positive side of it all. I'm lucky to be doing something I love and believe me, I don't take it for granted.

Whew! So here are today's interviews:

Up on Newsarama today is my interview with Smallville's Cassidy Freeman. She gives us some info on her role in the infamous JSA episodes and whether or not we'll see her throw down with Lois anytime soon.

On Popeater, we have my interview with Kelly Osbourne and her Dancing With the Stars partner, Louis Van Amstel. Boy, this was a rough one to schedule. But after years of musical theater, I totally get how important rehearsal is. I finally caught up to them late last night. Not sure what I was expecting, but they were wonderful to talk to. Kelly was completely open about how much this experience has changed her as a person.

Also on Popeater, my V interview with...wait for it Firefly fans...Morena Baccarin! As I said on Twitter, she couldn't have been nicer if she was coated in sugar. Seriously, she answered all of my questions, including the ones about production changes and her haircut. By the way, oh Dr. Horrible minions...she would LOVE to be in the sequel! She loves Joss and told me she would "do anything that man says."

Hoping to have my Misha Collins-Supernatural interview up on Huffington Post later today. I'll post when it goes live.

Well, I have officially geeked out in every way possible today...maybe no video game posts, but I'm going to give the typing fingers a rest tonight and play a little World of least until I have to prep for tomorrow's interview with Amanda Tapping. ;)

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  1. Happy new year and congrats on your wonderful interview with Morena Baccarin. :) I really enjoyed your questions, particularly the political parallels of the show and the buzz around Baccarin's short haircut.

    Having been a makeup artist yourself, I was wondering if you might know anything on Baccarin's makeup for the show, or could perhaps point me in the right direction to learn more? I'm loving the effect the artist has achieved, it's both stunning in its subtleties and significant in creating the overall character.

    Krista Young and Wendy Snowdown are listed as the show's makeup artists, but my search efforts haven't turned up anything beyond that. I realize you are quite busy, but any little bit of info you may have would be appreciated. :) You are welcome to email me back directly (linked in my Blogger profile) if that is more convenient.

    Thanks again for doing a great interview. :)

    P.S. -- I came across your blog through a google search. Yay! for geekgirls. :) I've read your articles on Huffington Post before, but hadn't made the connection with your name until I encountered your blog.