Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rob Buckley Makes the Internet Asplode!

Wow!!! Mention you want to play a superhero and the blogs go wild!!! I just spoke to ONE TREE HILL's Rob Buckley for Popeater, and we got into a big discussion about his great love for comics. Not quite Popeater's audience, so I ran that bit on one of my other sites, Geek Week. It seems Rob was voted "Most Likely to be a Superhero" in school and when I asked him who he'd like to play, he said, "Well, hands down I would be Captain America. Yeah, it's kind of a no contest right there." Well, apparently, it's big news!

The story got picked up by a bunch of sites. Here is the original article:

ONE TREE HILL's Rob Buckley, Geek, Talks Comics

And here is where it got the blogs buzzing. MTV Splashpage:


Rob Buckley Wants to Wield the Shield!

And one of my other sites, the awesome Newsarama:

I've got to say, it would be really nice to see someone who is not a huge movie star take the role. I mean, I heart Robert Downey Jr. a lot, and I love him in the role, but Captain America is such a huge icon. It may be hard to squish a name in the suit. Just a thought. I'd love to hear yours!

And here is the link to the rest of the interview on Popeater:

Definitely check this out. The guy was on THE PRICE IS RIGHT and his story is hysterical!!!! Pretty cool guy, that Mr. Buckley.

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