Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I get LOST on AOL, chat with a Superwoman and bitch about RPG's

OK, I know it's been a looong time since I've posted, but it's been a crazy few weeks! Had to let you know about a fun project I've been doing though. Like most of you, I'm a huge LOST fan. Yeah, I admit that there was a time back in the early days that I almost gave up on it. But I stuck with it and damn, I'm glad I did. Wouldn't miss crazy Claire for the world! Squirrel baby, dude!

Anyway, I get a message from The TV Girl, the lovely Maggie Furlong (@TheTVShowGirl) asking me to be a guest on her new AOL show, 'Instant Dharma'. We get to pull apart and try to explain the latest episode of everyone's favorite island drama. Of course, I was in! I mean, hell, it's what I do in my den after the show every week anyway! Now I just wear fake lashes while I do it. Here is the premiere episode (with Matt Fowler (@Fowler_IGN):

Couldn't have been more fun! So last night, I got the chance to check out the super cool set again, drink out of the Dharma mug and most importantly, watch the East Coast feed on a ginormous screen. Take a look at the video while Maggie, Todd VanDerWerff (@tvoti) and I discuss crazy Claire, Jack's surprise and the secrets of the Lighthouse. (Major spoiler alert! Watch the episode first!)

I've also got my Newsarama interview with genre Goddess Gina Torres, from the JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS. We chat about Superwoman, a Wonder Woman live action film and underoos!

Gina Torres on Superwoman

That's all for now. I swear, I'll be back more often! Oh, more thing. I just ranted about the 6 things that need to change about RPG's on Newsarama. Just a few things I yell at my screen over and over again. Check it out and let me know what you think:


  1. Your so cool. As a matter fact in a sideways universe when I grow up I want to be you ! Your insight is as always revelation.

  2. "Instant Dharma"! Love it. I am behind, one LOST episode :(

  3. I love your blog and agree with everything in your post. Thats the main reason why I totally walked away from video games about 6 months ago and went back to the tabletop.

    I was wondering you would be interested in taking a look at my RPG game book (currently in a free public beta). Unlike the traditional RPG market, this book is designed to appeal to people who have never played RPGs before but who are (in my opinion) excellent candidates; creative adults, especially females. The book is written assuming you have never played one before (though I know you have, Jenna)

    I know you are big on Star Wars. One of the things that is great about my game is that as a part of building your character you build a culture that you came from. In a multi-planet universe like Star Wars, you could make a unique culture for each species. The biology section also allows you to build any species you want by body part. So you can assemble anything you want from Wookie to Ewok to Gungan, even obscure ones like Gran, Quarren, or Sullustans.

    I am really focused on the adult that is just getting tired of night-after-night of increasingly cliche television and looking for a new form of entertainment. Any commentary is appreciated. Thanks!