Friday, January 22, 2010

Your Mom's Advice, Boobs, Blood and Ancient Fluffers, Jolene Blalock and Kristin Kreuk

Ok, I have to say this. And it's not directed at anyone in particular. I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times, but I'm going to be your Mom for a second. Don't put anything on the internet that you wouldn't show everyone in the universe. Because you just did. You bad mouth someone (and believe me, I'm just as guilty of this as you are) and it's pretty damn likely they'll hear about it. Don't pass on someone's nasty words, because there are a thousand people smarter and more tech savvy than you and I. Someone is going to figure it out. Same goes for those pictures of you with the Hello Kitty vibrator, or doing a keg stand in a pink boa or whatever. (Oh thank god I went to college before the age of Facebook!) I mean, hey, if you have no problem with people seeing you in your tighty whities and red heels, by all means, flaunt it baby! Just saying...OK, fine, I am talking about someone specific...I knew who you meant, and so did about 50 other people who read it. Alright. Done throwing stones in my glass house. Don't worry. I'll be reading this back to myself next time I get in a Twitter fight.

Vibrating Shoulder Massager my lilly white ass!

Anyway, I've got some fun pieces for you in this post. It's hot chick day my friends! First, on Newsarama is my interview with genre goddess Lucy Lawless, BUFFY alum Steven S. DeKnight and the unbelievably hot Andy Whitfield (it was a conference call, so I'm going to pretend all the cool questions were mine) about their new and super racy SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND. I've seen the first two episodes and I'm totally enjoying every naked...I mean, every awesome bit of acting...seriously, it's really cool.

Boobs, Blood and Ancient Fluffers-SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND

So glad it was warm back then. No need for parkas.

This morning I spoke with the stunning and really funny Jolene Blalock for IGN. I met Jolene last year when I did a walk on role for the television show 10 ITEMS OR LESS. I played a Trekkie (well, a Trokkie, since the characters couldn't legally use the the show...not the...never mind) and Jolene played herself. I got to interview the cast and crew. A total blast. (HERE is the link to the article I wrote about it on the Huffington Post with a link to the UGO interviews.) Anyway, she was hysterical! We talked crayons, why she thinks Spock is hotter than Kirk, and her new role as Sister Nicci on LEGEND OF THE SEEKER.

Don't care that Nicci is blond in the book. Still awesome casting.

Finally, I chatted with the lovely Kristin Kreuk about her upcoming four episode arc on CHUCK for IGN. (One of my favorite shows, by the way.) Not only is she a great actress and a super nice person, but she's doing something that is very near and dear to my heart. She's empowering young women. She and business partner Kendra Voth have started a social networking/content creation site for girls, allowing them to support each other in their business ventures and projects, and build self esteem. It's called Girls By Design and it's almost ready to go. Please, especially if you have daughters, check out the site and give her your support. Here is the link: and a link to the Huffington Post interview I did with her about GBD a while back. It's got all the details. Told you the lady is cool. (And she calls me out on my geekiness.) ;)

Geeks need love too!

Coming soon: Interviews with ONE TREE HILL's Rob Buckley, Rod Roddenberry, a bunch of JSA peeps from SMALLVILLE, Jim Parsons from BIG BANG THEORY, and Erica Cerra from EUREKA.


  1. Shoving a kitty in a pussy is one thing, it's just the bear that really creeps me out

  2. Big fan of Kristen, she's awesome. Was not impressed by the street fighter film though.

    You're interviewing Jim Parsons? Awesome. He's utterly brilliant on Big Bang Theory. Stan Lee is cameoing on there, gotta ask him what he thinks of him!

    How good is spartacus? What else could it be compared to? What style is it in?

    Also, i'm spartacus.

  3. Jenna-Hahahahaha! :) Awesome!

    eaglelives-Jim is a riot on BBT. Can't wait to interview him. I've interviewed Simon Helberg (Wolowitz) and Kunel Nayyar (Koothrappali) and they couldn't have been nicer. Stan the Man!!!

    Spartacus is sort of a 300/Rome deal. It's still Raimi and Tapart, but far more serious than their usual fare. Obviously the budget is smaller than the film/show, but the style is really cool. Very graphic novel.

    Wait, I thought I was Spartacus!

  4. I saw the Hello Kitty "massager" advertised in the Village Voice as a vibrator. But then again it IS the Village Voice lol. I thought it was hilarious and disturbing lol.