Wednesday, December 23, 2009

For those of you who wondered where STAR TREK was on my top 5 list...

Hey everyone! I know a lot of you guys are freaking out about STAR TREK being left off my Top 5 list. Little did you know, it's actually in my Top 10. I wrote it up a while back, so I thought I'd share 6-10 with you. In case you were wondering why DISTRICT 9 isn't on here, lemme 'splain. I really enjoyed it. But shaky cam gives me vertigo. It's the reason I can't play first person shooters. I almost really, really upset the person next to me in the theater.

Anyway, feel free to comment and tell me why my choices suck. ;)


One of the trends this year has been the return to fun horror. I know that sounds weird to non-horror fans, but think of the old eighties films that had you laughing as well as screaming. (Not in a spoof sort of way.) I have no issues with torture porn. Really, I don't. But it's getting old. I'm no longer shocked. DMTH was just plain fun. It was silly. It was scary. It made me fear creepy old gypsy women with staplers and an over abundance of bodily fluids. It made me yell and embarrass myself in front of the horror blogger I was sitting next to. (Don't judge, Ryan.) It was everything I love about Sam Raimi. The only thing that would have made it better was a cameo from Bruce Campbell.


I'm a shameless metal head. I make no apologies. But you don't have to like metal to love this film. No only does ANVIL show two of the most dedicated, if ultimately (and sadly) unsuccessful artists in the genre, it makes you want to take them home, give them a bath and hug them like puppies. Seriously though, it's a beautifully made film and it really gives you insight into the music world. These guys were part of the beginning of it all. \m/ forever!


A lovingly crafted sci-fi movie that reminds you of where the genre came from. The film could just as easily been a stage production, which is refreshing in a time where you can almost hear the studio execs screaming, “More CG! More 3D!” at film makers. Don't your panties in a bunch. I love CG and 3D. I love explosions and car crashes. But every once in a while, a restrained piece like MOON comes along, using camera work and acting (imagine that) to tell the story. Writer/director Duncan Jones clearly has a passion for the subject (it's based on the book “Entering Space” by Robert Zubrin) and channelled that beautifully into the film. (It was very hard for me not to hum “Space Oddity” when I interviewed him.) And Sam Rockwell give a tour de force performance. There is also an excellent butt shot and a happy dance. And fuzzy dice. Can't forget those. Sorry.


It is with a glad heart that I add STAR TREK to my top 10 list. As a bit of a trekkie, I wasn't expecting to like it. Too many things could have gone wrong. Even with their decision to use an alternate timeline, it could still have been a big old giant stinking mess. But it all worked out perfectly. Excellent casting (Karl Urban practically channelled Bones) including Leonard Nimoy, a completely engaging story and no tribbles. I love tribbles, don't get me wrong. (I saw a vibrating one at Wondercon...eew.) What I mean to say is that they didn't rely on “Oh look at the reference we just made...get it? Get it?” The storytelling was solid, the action was fantastic, the references weren't overdone...solid film all around. Now, if we can only manage to keep Khan out of the sequel...


The title alone makes me happy. I never read the book it's based on, but I'm absolutely in love with the story. And the giant jelly beans. The voice casting (Bill Hader, Anna Faris) could have easily gone over the top, but it was delightfully restrained. The monologue from Earl Devereaux played by Mr. T had me laughing hard that soda almost came out of my nose. And I haven't had soda in years. Neil Patrick Harris as Steve the monkey...please, just see this film. Phil Lord and Chris Miller are young film makers and they've put out a product that promises Pixar-rivaling things to come. The phone call scene where Flint (Hader) tries to get his computer-illiterate dad to email him something was one of the funniest things I've seen on film all year. (It certainly helped that I had just done the same thing with my mother on the way over to the screening.) Even better, they used the 3D. I've said it before, but I'm so tired of studios almost apologizing for it. “Oh we don't throw things at you.” Um, it's 3D. Throw things at me! That's the point!

Note: Eat before you see this or you'll binge like a stoner...not that I know anything about that. Ahem.

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