Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Decade in Pics. Happy New Year Everyone!

Had to do one final post for the year. Plus, I'm bored. Sitting on my couch, waiting until the hour is appropriate for drinking. Oh, come on. You're doing the very same thing. I promise, this one is mostly pictures. I wouldn't want to make you read with those bleary eyes.

Here is my decade in pics, my parents forty years apart and a video of the worst voice acting in video game history...just cause. Anyway, Happy New Year everyone! See ya on the other side!

My parents just showed me that they too can be published. ;) They got their pics in the Tauck Tours magazine. They eloped in the sixties and headed off to Germany where my dad was stationed. While they were in Europe, they visited Venice and posed for a pic in Piazza San Marco. Forty years later, they did the same thing. See below. They switched hair colors.

Anyway, here are the pics. In the past decade I:

Got married: a priestess at a castle in Scotland.

Moved from NYC to LA:

Everything we own was in that truck!

Went from actor:

Me as Evita at Zach Scott in Austin, TX.

to makeup artist:

My lovely model is Josie Yount.

to journalist:

I'm Batman!

Got a dog:

Fionnie the cool.

and a bunny:

Emer the fuzzy.

lost family:

Rose Busch and Helen Knight, my grandmothers.

The awesome Minky Binky Bonky Boo.

gained a niece:

Sairsha Rose, aka Peanut.

and remained as geeky as always:

I started early.

And since I'm the biggest geek in the universe, I laughed my ass off when I saw this video. (Thanks to Ryan Turek from ShockTillYouDrop for posting this on Facebook.)

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