Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kings of Horror and Princes of Persia (and shots from the 2012 red carpet)

Doing so much typing today that this evening's sit ups are going to feel like a relaxing coffee break.

The lovely and talented Misha Collins-Castiel in Supernatural.

Interviews with Misha Collins from Supernatural and Cassidy Freeman from Smallville on the schedule today...and if I'm really lucky, I'll finally get that Kelly Osbourne/Louis Van Amstel Dancing with the Stars interview that has been rescheduled a zillion times this week. I haven't watched last night's show yet, so I have no idea if they've been eliminated...I'll keep you posted!

The also lovely and talented Cassidy Freeman-Tess in Smallville.

Two pieces to announce today. First, I got to interview Jerry Bruckheimer for (with a group of other reporters) about the just released Prince of Persia trailer. Click here to read it. You can also watch the trailer. I'm afraid to jinx it, but this looks like a video game that may actually work as a film! (Don't worry...I'm knocking wood and throwing salt over my left shoulder while I'm typing this.)

Ladies, this is for if Misha wasn't enough.

As you guys know, I'm still doing makeup for Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy. And today, my interview with directors Andrew Kasch and Daniel Farrands, and producer Thommy Hutson (three super cool guys!) went up on Arrow in the Head. Check it out here.

Andrew Kasch, Gloria Martel, the legendary John Saxon, Thommy Hutson, Dan Farrands and Buz Danger Wallick...and me.

So last night, I spent my evening on the red carpet for the upcoming disaster flick, 2012. More info later on what everyone had to say, but in the meantime, here are a few pics from the event. Mickey Rooney was there! I have no idea why, but awww...

Mickey Rooney and his wife!

Director Rolland Emmerich told me his favorite city to destroy was Los Angeles. Here's some red carpet destruction.

Horror goddess Staci Layne Wilson!

The beautiful Thandie Newton...didn't talk to any of us. Everyone always gets there late and then they rush them into the premiere.

No, you're not seeing things. This is indeed Adam Lambert from American Idol. He did a song on the soundtrack. And he's shiny.

Beatrice Rosen, another casualty of being "fashionably late".

Mr. Excitement himself, John Cusack. Not a big fan of doing press. I interviewed him for Igor last year. Cusack is the kind of one word answers, but he loved my last one. "Who would win in a fight? Nick Nolte with a box cutter or Gary Busey with a sock full of quarters?" Yes, I used to have to ask everyone that!

The adorable Morgan Lily messing with costars Alexandre and Philippe Haussmann.


  1. Ok, you should probably do a post just with answers that you have been given to that Nick Nolte/Gary Busey question.

    Also, is that Nick Nolte before or after his famous mugshot? And Gary Busey before or after his head injury?

  2. I used to ask that question for UGO. It may be up on their site. I also used to have to ask, "Who would win in a fight? A minotaur with a trident or a centaur with a crossbow?"

    And definitely post mugshot/head injury. :)

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