Wednesday, November 4, 2009

John Cusack actually answers questions and The Dark Knight's Chin Han wants to sing!

I'm seriously going to need finger bandages after today! I have two more pieces for you...this time from my new outlet, Popeater!

I got a couple of good interviews on the 2012 red carpet last night. Popeater just ran two of them. First, Mr. Excitement, John Cusack. Um, I've said it before, but he's kind of notorious for being a difficult interview. I interviewed him for Igor, and I certainly found that to be the case. (Check out the video interviews HERE. Eddie Izzard is a freaking riot!) Last night, he actually smiled! SMILED! Huh. Anyway, here is the link to last night's interview:

The surprise of the night was Chin Han. He's been in two American films, and the lucky guy gets The Dark Knight and 2012. When I asked him how he's going to top that, he said he wants to do a musical! The guy is funny!

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