Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Gaggle of Geeky Goodness (and Mya)

Sorry I didn't have time to blog the past two days. It's been a bit nutty. But boy do I have a list of geeky goodness for you, with more to come.

And by the way, if certain Twitter people don't like what a star says about a comic book, or thinks that said star is not correct, please take that up with the star. I'm just the messenger...don't shoot me, please.

He laughed! He didn't slap me or use the Vulcan nerve grip! I love him.

She had beds brought into the studio so she doesn't need to leave.

He suggested having Spock play Nirvana on the harp in the sequel.

Dude has CRAZY eyes!

I have to wait until fucking 2012 to see the next STAR TREK? Frak!

He swears that Priest vamps have fangs.

Damn it, I'm just telling you what she said!

I'm the one that suggested Greg Grunberg as a red if it happens, you have me to thank. ;)

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