Saturday, November 21, 2009

Basterds, 500 Days of a Bitch and Tofurkey

Hey everyone! I've been away from the blog for a while. Out of town set visits (I'm in Baton Rouge right now), shoots and holidays. No, I didn't eat tofurky, though I actually think it's yummy. Anyway, one of the things that happens at my house during this wonderful time of the year is the "Arrival of the Screeners". This is when I get to know which UPS and FedEx people have been fucking up deliveries and throwing packages at my door all year. Now they have no place to hide. They show up 1-3 times a day, they see me in my pajamas (come on, I work at'd do it too) and they begin to feel guilty about their bad behavior. Or they think I have crazy eyes and fear my wrath. Not sure which.

Seriously, it's really good! Stop laughing.

Anyway, I've been catching up on movies and I thought I'd share my thoughts. This past week, I rewatched Inglourious Basterds. Damn, damn, damn I love that movie!!! It's still my best reviewed film of the year. (Click HERE for the review if you're interested.) Christoph Waltz gives an incredible performance. Seriously, if you miss this one, I'm coming over there and scalping you. Trust me, that makes sense if you see the movie.

(*note: Jenna will not come to your house and scalp you for legal reasons. She will merely rough you up via email.)

The amazing Christoph Waltz.

Truely, if he doesn't win an Oscar for this role, I'll eat my wireless mouse. I just got a chance to interview Christoph during a set visit for The Green Hornet and he couldn't have been cooler. I can't reveal anything about his role or what I saw there quite yet, but it just adds to the coolness, doesn't it? Doing a film like Hornet after Basterds?

The Green Hornet's car, Black Beauty. I just got to ride in this! I would really love a couple of those Gatling guns for my Honda. Not that I'd shoot them, you understand. I just think people would get the hell out of my way if they thought I would.

I also watched the critically acclaimed 500 Days of Summer this week. (Still amuses me to think that "critically acclaimed" sometimes includes me.) I didn't cover this one when it first came out and after hearing everyone gushing over it, I was excited to check it out. Now, you know I'm not a big fan of chick flicks. The Proposal was a total fluke. (Review is HERE...and it wasn't just because of Ryan Reynolds and his very pretty abs. I swear.)

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a chick flick. Sigh.

Listen, I appreciate that they tried to do something different here. It's not your typical girl movie. I actually like love stories. Don't get me wrong. I just don't like the formulaic boy-meets-girl, boy/girl-does-something-stupid, boy/girl's-crazy-friend/family-does-something-stupid, misunderstanding-is-cleared-up-in-a-clever-way-and-there-is-a-dog-or-an-old-person-who-reminds-us-all-what-is-important sort of film. So at least this was something different.

Here is my problem with it. Zooey's character has absolutely no redeeming qualities. (Other than her cuteness, which was pointed out to me by a fellow critic. A guy, of course.) Seriously, who would stay with someone like that? If the sexes were reversed, we'd call the girl a pathetic idiot. We'd say she needs therapy. Someone tells you that they have no interest in a relationship, they're not in love with you, they (SPOILER ALERT...JUMP TO NEXT PARAGRAPH IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT) quickly take up with someone else, wait for you in a park and tell you that they just needed someone else to be happy. You would slap them! Seriously, it's just plain mean.

Still my favorite love story of all time.

I spent the entire film waiting for her to change or for him to grow a pair and leave. There has to be someone out there who agrees. (I liked the musical number though.)

Anyway, gotta run. I have to get some food before we head off to the set. I'll post more of these micro reviews as I go through the stack of screeners. I'd love to hear your thoughts....

Finally, I just heard the worst local commercial in history and I had to share it with you. I'm sure it's a great college, but wow that music is bad! Check out the VIDEO.

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  1. Waltz WAS freaking amazing in that role.

    And that MTC commercial makes me feel like I'm trapped in the 1980's. FOR ALL ETERNITY. ;)