Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scream Awards: Best Comic Book to Film Adaptation...spoilers again guys...and Jackie Earle Haley Pinched Me

Next award...Best Adaptation of a Comic Book to Film (or something like that...I have to type really fast here...if anyone corrects my grammar or spelling, I'm hexing you)

Watchmen, The Spirit,
(Really? Did they just want to fill out the category?) Dragonball Evolution, (Answered my question right there.) X-Men Origins: Wolverine. (Am I the only one who didn't hate it?)

WATCHMEN!!! And Jackie Earle Haley is accepting! I know you all know I didn't like the film. (Here's my review.) I gave it a 6/10 and got a whopping 9 death threats for it. But after seeing the director's cut...if that's what they had released, it would have been one of my top films of the year. (I actually said that in my "Top 5 Summer Movie Picks" for JoBlo.)

They're showing world premiere footage from Shutter Island now. Is anyone else as freaked out by this film as I am? Great shot of a woman turning to dust in the arms of Leonardo DiCaprio. And Jackie. I think I love him so much because he's a creepy fucker in every film, but one of the sweetest people I've ever interviewed. Plus, he pinched me. Not like that...While interviewing him at Wondercon, I asked him how he was dealing with being thrust into the spotlight with the success of Watchmen. He said, “Pinch me. Wait, I'll pinch you.” I'm easily won over, no?

Spike TV's Scream Awards will premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 27 (10:00 PM-Midnight, ET/PT)

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