Thursday, July 7, 2011

Womanthology and my comic book debut

UPDATE:  We did it!  We hit our goal in less than 15 hours!  Let's keep going!  Here is what happens if we raise more:

 What will you do if you make OVER your goal?
The current Kickstarter goal amount would help us print a small run (1500) of books. This will be 300 page, 9x12, Hardcover, full color book. All money earned goes directly to printing costs and other fees such as postage of the book to all of you fine people! :)
Our current goal is 25,000. If we, by some miracle, make OVER that goal, here is what we will do;
- Up to 50,000 will mean MORE books printed. Every book printed and sold earns even more for our Charities :) We may even be able to afford a special Womanthology table at a big upcoming con!
- 50,000 - 70,000 I will put to funding the printing of ANOTHER Charity book that will bring more opportunity to creators that just need that chance! Not just women this time! :)
- Over 70,000 .... if there was a miracle in the universe that would allow us to earn more, my ultimate goal would be an expanded version of what this book is about. To create an organization the supports new creators and their creator owned comics, helps fund them to complete their works, and get them out to major publishers for their chance to shine. The comics industry NEEDS this right now! This would really be a great way to support comics, and help move the industry an all the fantastic creators in it, to brighter, more awesome future!

I am about to write my very first comic!  I'm not sure I've ever been this excited!  It's all part of Womanthology, an upcoming anthology featuring the work of women in the industry...just women!  And damn there are some great ones!  Contributors include:
I've mentioned the wonderful Bonnie Burton before.  Check out our interview about her wonderful Star Wars Craft Book here.  Also, Samantha Newark doesn't know this, but I was just interviewed for the upcoming JEM DVD collection.  Showtime Synergy!

I'm honored to be working with artist Elisa Feliz, who's work you can check out here.  No hints on the story yet, but I'm really excited about it!

So here is why I'm writing.  We need to raise money to get this thing published.  (IDW is doing it for us if we can get the funds.)  Do me a favor and check out the video and the website for the Womanthology Kickstarter Project.  You can donate as little as a dollar, but there are some really cool rewards for donating more.  REALLY cool ones!  All the info is in the site so take a look!

Also...and this is a thing that's very close to my're helping inspire young women to pick up a pencil and draw, or write a script for or at the very least read comics.  I'll wear my cape in your name.


  1. Hi I like what you are doing. I made a more lengthy reply on my comics blog.

    (Sorry for the shameless plug, you know how it is..)

  2. I love this! I have to say I don't read a lot of comics, but I am so excited to see this anthology. I loved the cartoon JEM growing up and to see the voice of that character on the list of contributors makes my inner child squeal! I wanted to contact you regarding a web series I've co-created to ask for a possible review but there doesn't appear to be any way to contact you on the site. Is there a best way to do this or should I leave the link here?