Friday, November 6, 2009

Amanda Tapping, Misha Collins, 2012 Prophecy, and a Battle Cat

This morning, I interviewed the lovely Amanda Tapping. Seriously, this woman couldn't be nicer. Not only is she talented, (if you aren't watching Sanctuary, I'm coming right over there and berating you soundly) and a pleasure to talk to, but she's just started up a charity website called Sanctuary for Kids. It's a not for profit foundation that "serves to provide sanctuary for children who do not live with the right of safety in their lives." (I'm quoting from the site.) I'll have all the info when our interview goes up on Huff Po early next week, but in the meantime, please check out the website: Amanda told me that she and Sanctuary creator/producer Damian Kindler have donated all the start up costs, so every cent you donate goes straight to the kids. You can follow the site on Twitter @sanctuary4kids. They're auctioning off a Sanctuary set tour and lunch with Amanda and Damian.

Sanctuary airs Fridays at 10/9c on SYFY. I will be parked on my couch. Tonight's episode sounds amazing!

In other news, my interview with Supernatural's angelic Misha Collins is finally up on The Huffington Post! Did you guys catch last night's episode? Their CSI spoof cracked me the hell up! Check it out HERE. Misha was a blast to speak to, as usual. The guys is seriously funny! He's got a big face off with Lucifer coming up. He also mentioned a few angelic drinking games.

And last, but not least, the 2012 prophecy. As I mentioned a few posts ago, I covered the red carpet for the premiere of 2012. I asked a bunch of the cast and crew if they believed. Their answers are up on Popeater today. "2012 Stars on Doomsday Prophecy"

And the cat picture? It made me laugh so hard I had to redo my eyeliner. Couldn't resist putting it up. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Nostradamus "quatrain" relating to
    Revelation, 2012?

    Century 5 #53....
    The law of the Sun and of Venus in strife,
    Appropriating the spirit of prophecy:
    Neither the one nor the other will be understood,
    The law of the great Messiah will hold through the Sun.

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