Monday, November 9, 2009

The lovely and talented Viggo Mortensen, and Scott Wolf might be an alien

On Friday night, I saw a screening of The Road. I never read the book, but I think I might have to now. The embargo is still up, so here is all I can tell you, pre-review. I was really affected by what I saw. I had a very specific opinion about it immediately afterward. And a completely different one the next day. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I'm viewing the world a bit differently today. And that's all I'll say for now. I don't want the studio to send out the assassins.

Viggo Mortensen is pretty, even covered in dirt.

Saturday, I got to interview the star of the film, Viggo Mortensen. I have to say, it's always a wonderful thing to find out that someone that good looking is actually a cool guy. I sat in on the round table interviews, and Viggo walked in with a tray of snacks. He also said that he read the script and the book on the same day. I cannot comprehend how he kept from shooting himself i the head...if you know the story, you'll understand. During our one on one (yes, I was alone in a hotel room with Viggo Mortensen)!, he was incredibly forthcoming and very sweet. I am pleased to report, I did not drool on his feet. It will be up on The Huffington Post soon. I promise many pretty pictures.

By the way, he is NOT retiring! See Twitter/Facebook buds? I read all your questions. And you'll have to read the interview to see what he says about The Hobbit.

I also got a chance to interview Scott Wolf this morning. I never watched Party of Five, but I do love the guy. Plus, he did four episodes of Saved by the Bell. He told me that he's not sure his character in V is not an alien! The actors have no idea. Kind of makes me want to watch it more, knowing that there aren't going to be a ton of foreshadowing moments I'm supposed to be taking notes on.

Keeping this short today so I can get those interviews up for you. Plus, I'm back on the Never Sleep Again set today and the elusive Mark Patton is coming in! He's been found! I'm not kidding. We have shirts that say so! I'll post pics, I promise.

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