Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Video Game Stocks Down...Duh!

I write for a site called Forces of Geek. It's a blast, they let me write about whatever geeky little thing is making my heart beat faster this week. I love them.

This morning, I was reading Google News and I read a story about how video game stocks are down. I mentioned it to a few friends and looked up some reaction on the web. Everyone seemed to be surprised by this. Really? Really? I went digging in my closet and found my soap box hidden behind some old shoes. Climbing on it now:

Video Game Stocks are Down...Wanna Guess Why?

Check out my post for Forces of Geek and let me know if you agree. (Plus, I found some funny video game pics that I hope make you giggle.)


  1. I've never been much of a gamer, don't have the patience for it. But your arguments seem sound even to an outsider.

  2. Thanks Matt. Lowering prices just seems logical to me. There really is something psychological about pricing something under $50. And you'll make it back. Especially if it's a multiplayer. All your buds have to go out and get it. :)