Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Flash Forward's Sonya Walger, Slutty Game Pirates and Breast Physics

I'm happy to announce that I'm going to be doing some writing for AOL's Popeater.com! (My landlady, the cable company and AT&T are also rather pleased. It seems that bartering cows and tomatoes is no longer an acceptable payment practice.)

So, for my first post, I managed to score an interview with Sonya Walger, who plays Dr. Olivia Benford on Flash Forward. Are you guys watching this? I really, really hesitated. The last thing I wanted was to watch another show that requires cliff notes and someone geekier than me to explain it all...but I finally caved. Walger tells me whether or not she hesitated when asked to take on a "mystery show" after Lost, a sneak peek at Thursday's episode and whether or not she's like a glimpse into her future.

Click on the link to check out our interview.

Finally, I went trick or treating in Azeroth last night. Oh stop laughing. You can actually do that in World of Warcraft this week! The innkeepers can either give you a treat or turn you into something. The other day I was turned into a bat and a frog. Last night I got a candy bar. My buddy Chad got a pirate wand...he turned me into a slutty pirate with some serious cleavage. She looks something like this:

Seems like it might be a bit difficult to fight with those things. ;) I swear, there will be a post about video game breast physics in the near future. (Please note, I am NOT offended by boobs in video games anymore than I'm offended by guys with comically huge muscles. I just think it might be a little difficult to keep these things from falling out while fighting.)

I want to know what tape she's using to hold those things in!


  1. Breast physics, or more commonly known as mamarology, has two basic rules: 1. If the character is not important, then the breasts must be amble to draw attention to the lack of character development (among males). 2. If she is a lead character, they must be ample to draw focus to her character (among males).

    I have many books on the subject, most in comic book form, if you desire more information.

  2. Chad wishes that he had a real-life pirate wand to turn every girl he meets into hot, slutty pirate wenches.

  3. Definitely not scotch tape

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