Monday, December 9, 2013

I Hate TEAVANA, or My Epic Customer Service Experience From Hell

UPDATE: I was called by Latonya at Teavana this morning and not only did she apologize profusely for the issues I've had, but she completely took care of the situation. I think it's important to post when things go well as well as when they go badly. Thanks Latonya. I appreciate the help.

I was going to re-write the experience I had with Teavana, a.k.a. the company with the worst customer service in history, but I thought you'd get it from the email I just sent. FYI: This leaves out the hours I've spent on hold with them. 

 To whom it may concern,

 I have never, in my life, dealt with a worse company. Here is what happened to me and I'd like this resolved immediately. On 12/2 (Cyber Monday), I ordered a present from your site for my mother's birthday, which was the 5th. I chose 2 day shipping and placed my order. Not only did the final confirmation on the site give me the wrong shipping (they gave me the free one, but it wouldn't have gotten there in time), but I got no confirmation email.

 I sent an email to customer service and learned from the automatic response that it would take 2-3 days to hear back. I sent another email saying I needed one faster and finally got through to a person.

 This person told me that she was sorry and that the site was having issues. (I'd seen this on Twitter). I had to pay for overnight shipping (it would go out Tuesday, Dec. 3 and arrive Wednesday, Dec. 4). Nothing was comped, but she ran my card right there. On Wednesday night, I received an email saying there was a problem with my payment and that it hadn't shipped. I PAID FOR OVERNIGHT SHIPPING and I only hear about this AFTER it was supposed to be there. (Also, I checked with my credit card company and they said no one ever tried to run a purchase.) I emailed them back and again got the 2-3 business day response. Can you see why I was frustrated?

 Now, I have 15.6k Twitter followers, so I said something about your customer service there. Got a super quick response then. I finally spoke to someone and she ran a different card, put in extra tea and waived the shipping. (It would still have been late for her birthday.) She apologized, but I was on hold for a half an hour. She came back on and said that her computer froze during the transaction, but that it DEFINITELY went through. Also important: She confirmed my mother's address as the shipping address.

 Then I checked my card and saw two charges. One for the product and one for a different amount . I went back on twitter and was told that one was to see if I had enough funds for the transaction. Seriously? [Note: leaving out the prices here, but neither of them was a round number.] You have got to be kidding me. I then asked that a manager call me. When he did, he was rude. (To be fair, I was pretty angry.) He told me that it was like being at a hotel. I explained that that was to cover mini-bar charges or stolen remotes. You sell TEA! Then he told me my OTHER card didn't go through. Also, a complete lie unless your site is having trouble. (You'll see in a moment why I KNOW it's a lie.)

 I told him to cancel the order because I had had enough. I tried to order the perfect teamaker from Amazon, only to find out that they didn't have it and didn't know when it was coming back. I got something similar from another company. I also ordered your tea (my mother's favorite) and tried to get it shipped overnight (since my mother had been waiting for her birthday present), but of course, there was a stock issue. Still, I spent the money at Amazon.

 So today, guess what showed up at MY door in California and not in NY at my mother's house? The order. So, after canceling the order, here it is, IN THE WRONG PLACE. Charges are still on my credit card. Now, I spent the money at Amazon because you guys screwed up. Now I'm going to have to return this? Have someone contact me immediately.


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  2. thank you for blogging this I have had nothing but the hell ride with Teavana since about January 3rd I still not have not got my order whenever I did call or email it was rude or not even addressed. the phone rang forever to get ahold of somebody I wanted to cancel my order that was impossible i was told a week ago. it was gift related that I ordered it all .so to Teavanna is not giving customer service to anyone it should be short lived I'm sure that they will take that they are big corporationsthanks for letting me know I'm not the only one

    1. Sorry for typos used 5he mich at work had to vent asap
      Found you Jenna.

  3. I'd like to just take time and write about what happened to me in Teavana.
    I was an employee for two years, got promoted to team lead and was consistant in making A-A+ every week in sales. I was a good employee. We were all friends with each other and all got a long. This past november my manager (who only got promoted because our manager for ten years had to leave for medical reasons) started to have a relationship with a team member. At first no one minded. But the more it progressed the more hours he would get, even though he was making only B's. So we started to get annoyed but nothing serious. But then one day, my manager went on an unpaid break witht he team member and got drunk and came back to work.This made several of us mad. We sat down and one of us called our Area Manager and just let her know what was going on in the store. That area manager gave us her word about not telling anyone who called her. Because, you know, that would make the workplace very uncomfortable.
    But. What does she do? Goes straight to our manager. Our manager got angry and sinc se knew who called, she took it out on me. For five months I dealt with that. With her calling me stupid, snapping at me for no reason.

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  5. Twoards the end of my employment, it got worse. two weeks before I left she targeted a coworker and created lies and rumors and gave the employee a choice to quit, or be fired. For no reason. She wouldnt tell the employee what her reason was at all. Just that she heard things. And after that employee left, it was my turn.
    Ill point out now that in my two years of working there, and four years retail experience, I have never been written up or been given a warning.But two weeks before I left, my manager called me in the back and showed me a piece of paper that I wrote my time punch on because I wasnt able to clock in. She informed me I wrote the number. And I agreed. I did write the wrong number, but since I was running late, I rushed to open the store. Thats when she starts with her attitude trying to say that I was trying to Steal NINE dollars from the company. I was in shock. Why in the world would I want to steal nine dollars. If I wanted to look like I wasnt late and wanted more money would I put myself inside the grace period? But she WROTE me up anyways. My first one. And I signed it, stupidly. But I did leave a comment in it. Things went back to normal, (meaning she was visibly angry at work everyday making employees and customers uncomfortable). Just a week later, I woke up on a saturday I was supposed to open And I felt so sick I had to go to the hospital. I had my father call my manger to let her know where I was and why I wasnt at work. She didnt answer so he left her a voicemail. three hours later she called me but I had three meds in my system because I had strep throat and sinusitis. She called my mom and my mom let her know again, I was very sick.
    The next day I got some energy and went to a managers meeting (against doctors orders sicne it hadnt been a full 24 hours with antibiotics) but I went and as soon as I did, my manager called me into the back. I handed her my doctors note and she told me "I do not accept this. You were drunk. I dont accept this and UMA(area manager) does not accept this. You will be written up" I was dumbfounded. What? for what? So i shut up and just went into the meeting trying not to get too mad. I went home, talked to my parents. My dad called my manager again to make sure he had the right number, and when she picked up he let her know, he did call.
    That wednesday was my next scheduled day. My manager called in another team lead which is very odd, two managers closing in one night. So I knew, it was my turned to be given the choice to quit or be fired.
    So I went into work, saw my name on no team sheet or anything(everyone working a particular day will have their goals on it) But the other team lead's name was on it. So I asked my manager why and she pulled me back again and presented me with my SECOND WRITE UP. In two weeks. But this one made me angry. IT was all a lie. She said my dad did not call, and i risked a fine for the store because they opened late. (EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS GONE IN AND OPENED THE STORE 4 HOURS LATE BECAUSE SHE WAS HUNG OVER) and that I was hungover. EVEN though I was almost assing out in front of her due to strep, and even though she knows I get severe sinusitis almost three times a year,

    So thats when I got up and left. I could not let her treat me like that. Like I hadnt been faithful for two years. After I left, she targeted three more people. All the people she has targeted knew about her and the relationship she had. So she was trying to get rid of us.

    I've contacted HR several times, and so has everyone else. Theyve done nothing. Absolutely nothing. Even though this has happened to five people and theyve gotten 6 reports on the manager.
    Im now finding out my area manager has been lying about that entire situation. And of course, so is my former manager.

    This company does not care about their employees.
    Do not give them money
    Also, the teas have preservatives and they bye the teas from farmers for like 90 cents an ounce..

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